Thursday, August 19, 2010


I think that i did not write in my blog for a long time. Today i have a mood to write again in my blog...hhihi...
hmm for the next week i have many test to be sit..huh..
that is optic, thermodynamic ,titas,vector and electronic 2....
after that i come back to my village...hihihihi that is on 4.9..
so excited and can't wait for 4.9...hhiiiiihhihihi
we have a holidayy for 2 week....
that is our mid sem break and holiday for hari raya,.....
but after the holidayy i have one more test too go on..that is de....hmm


  1. wahh...speaking london...huhuhuhu..eciteed for holiday or waiting some1 special to celebrate raya day tegether..hahahaha..dont forget to cook dage rice k..make it special 4 some1 special n also 4 me k..hahahaha...dont be mad k or i will report to yus..huhuhuhu..

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  3. hmmm 2 in 1 la....ok i wait~~~report??...hmm report je...ish3..